About Us - Portland Coffee

Portland Coffee located in Terra Alta is in the Portland District of Preston County, West Virginia.  Terra Alta was originally known as Portland when the city was founded in the 1800s amid a cranberry glade.  At that time, the railroad stopped nine times a day, carrying shoppers, business people, and locals to enjoy the town's banks, clothiers, restaurants, churches, and grocers.

This is Terra Alta’s coffee shop.  We envision this to be a place to meet neighbors, make amends, celebrate milestones, and enjoy the best of Preston County — the best coffee, the best teas, the best baked goods, and the best people you will ever meet.  You will likely make a new friend.

The vision was birthed as a result of fervent prayer and fasting to be a wellspring and refreshment for everyone who visits our shop.  Isaiah 61:4 says, “They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago.  They will revive them, though they have been deserted for many generations.” We believe this is just the beginning of what God has planned to do in this region.

The beans we use are organic, responsibly sourced, and roasted in small batches for a flavorful and rich cup of coffee every time. Our blends and single-origin beans are super fresh and you’ll taste the difference, undoubtedly you’ll find a special coffee that will become your favorite. 

Each cup will be enjoyed not only for taste but also for the fact that you are helping to improve lives through your purchase. We are dedicated to donating 10% of in-store and online revenue to support evangelistic and community outreach organizations committed to Terra Alta, WV “The Shining City on the Hill” and the tri-state area.

We’re looking forward to this journey with you all, and don’t forget to buy online today, before the end of February, to become a lifetime VIP member! By using code VIP at checkout, you’ll enjoy 10% off for life. Now that leaves a good taste in your mouth!

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