1863 Medium Roast

Portland Coffee WV 1863 Medium Roast Blend Coffee. Roasted in West Virginia

Have you tried Portland Coffee's 1863 Medium Roast yet? This unique blend is a harmonious marriage of the vibrant flavors of a light roast and the deep, satisfying richness of a medium roast. Crafted from exquisite beans sourced from Nicaragua and Ethiopia, this blend is a true embodiment of quality and taste.

The name 1863 holds a special significance for Portland Coffee, paying tribute to the historical moment when West Virginia officially became a state. As a nod to this important milestone, the creators of 1863 Roast sought to capture the essence of unity and progress in every sip. Just like West Virginia statehood helped the Union cause in the midst of the Civil War, this blend is a symbol of the coming together of flavors to create something truly exceptional.

So, whether you're a seasoned coffee aficionado or just starting your journey into the world of specialty brews, Portland Coffee's 1863 Roast is a must-try. With each cup, you not only savor the intricate flavors of Nicaragua and Ethiopia but also partake in a rich history that celebrates unity, progress, and the art of exceptional coffee.

If you don’t know what blend to try, we recommend trying them all! Stop in Tuesday-Friday, 6am-11am or Saturday 6am-1pm to try one of our handcrafted drinks, or check out our online shop if you can’t make it in!

For a limited time, our 1863 Medium Roast is 15% off. After you add this roast to your cart, use code 1863 at checkout. Happy Brewing!

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